Proposal on the impact on rural growth

Chapter One

  • Introduction

Over the years, many massive studies have been done by scholars, specifically social scientists, on rural development and poverty elimination. These individuals or groups of people have a deep look at the historic landmarks and the development of infrastructure and rural development to advance the eradication of poverty and growth in economics.

Therefore, it is logical and necessary to grasp the notion of development in rural areas, infrastructure development, and poverty elimination to ensure sustainable economic growth.

  • The background of this study

Rural development has historically been based on land-intensive natural resources, such as forestry and agriculture. However, global changes to production networks and the Rapid Growth of urbanization have altered the nature of rural regions. Niche manufacturers, tourism, and leisure have taken over agricultural extraction and resource extraction as major economic driving factors. Rural communities need to think about development from a broader standpoint, resulting in a greater emphasis on a variety of development objectives rather than just creating incentives for companies based on resources or agriculture. Education and the entrepreneur, physical infrastructure and social infrastructure contribute to rural communities that are developing. Rural development is also distinguished by its focus on local-produced strategies for economic development. Contrary to urban regions with many similarities, rural areas are remarkably different; there are numerous methods of rural development used worldwide.

In Ojulie (2012) Ojulie (2012), rural development improves the standard of living and economic well-being of people living in rural areas. Usually largely undeveloped and sparsely populated regions.

As per Olowu (1986), infrastructure is considered the foundation upon which all other super-structures are constructed, institutional and economic infrastructures, and are primarily in the rural setting to fulfil both social and economic functions (Oluwayomi 1986, p.145). The term “infrastructure”, according to Olaseni and Alade (2012), is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of things that are often described as “social overhead capital” by economic analysts of the development. Rural infrastructure is a part of the rural environment and is divided into three categories: social, economic, and institutional. Economic infrastructure is “the preconditions for industrialization” like roads and agricultural agro-based markets, rural areas and farm inputs, electric power and water supply, telecommunications sanitation and sewage, and the collection of solid waste and its disposal. Other examples include dams, postal services and canals to facilitate drainage and irrigation (Yusuf, 2007). Social infrastructure provides essential social services like basic health education and water supply.

  • The problem statement

The advent of the campaign for poverty elimination has led to the improvement of human capital by establishing and strengthening autonomous institutions in the development and providing individuals with the tools to be self-reliant and self-reliant, among other things.

The issue researchers are trying to solve is the impact of rural development and infrastructure development on poverty reduction and economic expansion in Nigeria.

  • The purpose of the study

The aim of this research study stems from the desire that the researcher has to study the effects of rural and infrastructural development on poverty reduction and economic development, especially in Lagos State

  • Study’s significance

The value of this study is that it can be highly beneficial in expanding understanding and then analyzing its impact on the daily lives of Lagos residents of the state and its impact on the surroundings.

It will also provide us with ideas on how poverty elimination advocacy makes its way into Lagos state and the impact on the development of people.

  • Research question

Based on the identified issues, the below research-related questions were asked based on the stated issues.

  1. Are there any significant connections between the degree of rural development and the infrastructural progress of Lagos state?
  2. Is there any connection between the degree of infrastructure development and poverty reduction?
  • Does there exist a significant connection between the level of poverty in urban and rural regions of Lagos state?
  • Hypotheses of research
  1. There is a significant connection between the rate of rural development and infrastructural Growth within Lagos state.
  2. There is a significant similarity between the amount of infrastructure development and poverty reduction.
  • There is a significant correlation between poverty levels in urban and rural regions of Lagos state.
  • Delimitation and scope for the research

This research endeavour intends to study the effects of rural development and infrastructure development on poverty elimination and economic development in Nigeria. However, due to mobility, time and financial limitations, the research will be restricted only to Lagos state.

  • The operational definitions of the terms

Rural development improves the standard of living and the economic well-being of those who live in rural areas. It is often extremely remote and sparsely-populated areas.

It is generally defined as “the physical components of interrelated systems providing commodities and services essential to enable, sustain, or enhance societal living conditions.”

Poverty Eradication: Reduced poverty or poverty reduction is a collection of humanitarian and economic measures designed to ensure that people are lifted permanently from the slums of poverty.

Economic growth is a growth within the manufacturing of products and services over an extended period. For the best accuracy, it is necessary to eliminate the impact of inflation. It is a rise in manufacturing products and services over an extended period. For the best accuracy, it is essential to eliminate the impact of inflation.

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